The Telefuture of Health Information Technology – Smartphones

Smart Phones in Health Care

The Telefuture of the iPhone


smart phonesIn today’s debate about healthcare in the U.S., everyone is looking for ways to provide better services, to more people, more quickly and for less cost. Health Information Technology (HIT) does that!

The term, Health Information Technology (HIT), however, is unfamiliar and a bit confusing. It is often – and unhelpfully – defined as “the application of technology to healthcare.” Some people fear that this means they will only be able to see their physician through a TV or that their medical records will be placed on computers that provide less privacy protection. Neither is true.

One way to think of HIT is to divide the topic into three areas: direct care, education and administrative services. This newsletter provides insight into “What’s Current, What’s Coming, and What’s Possible” in direct care. The next two newsletters address the impact of HIT in healthcare education and administrative services respectively.